I started my love of photography with a 620 Kodak Tourist ll camera given to me by my uncle. I started taking photos of the family and the things I saw around town. Most of my training was from reading photo and art magazines. When I started there were very few places to learn photography in central Ohio. I didn't take a formal class until my junior year in college. Even though I was an Art Major it was only offered as an Industrial Arts class. That's when I learn to make my own prints in the darkroom. That was magic and I was hooked.

I eventuallygot my degree in Photography and Cinematography from the University of Minnesota. My photography has allowed me to travel to many parts around the world to see and experience so many wonderful things. Photography has afforded me the time to sharpen my vision of the beauty in the world. We are all connected to each other, and all the things around us, whether we admit it or not. My aim is to bring a sense of belonging and wonder to things around us. And to cherish it all.